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Is it someone you care about, a work of art, an example of great leadership, an act of kindness….or is it something delicious you just ate?

It can be your own personal experience or something you saw, read or heard about.

Maybe it was hours of practice, dedication, disipline and effort over time or something extraordinary that happened in an instant. You may have been inspired by an act of compromise and teamwork to achieve a common goal or impressed by the resolve and fortitiude of a single person. Perhaps it was a crushing blow or failure that was turned into success through hard work and perseverance.... or was it the great hamburger you just ate, something your grandmother said, the test you just aced or the group of kids who raked the leaves of a neighbor who wasn't feeling well ... Maybe your spouse surprised you with a gesture that made you smile or the great play you saw at the ball game. Whatever it is, tell us about it....

What energizes you? 

At we believe that harmony; happiness and collaboration around the world are perhaps more possible today than ever before…

This website allows you to positively touch the lives of others through your examples of kindness, generosity, hope, courage, faith and friendship.

Each one of us is a work in progress. The more we encourage each other to strive for high ideals the more successful we are all likely to become….

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